Kostas Grigoreas

Composer - Classical guitar soloist
Kostas Grigoreas Kostas Grigoreas Kostas Grigoreas

An eminent member of the Greek guitar fraternity, Kostas Grigoréas [Gree-go-réh-as] (Athens, 1957) holds a special place in the field of Greek music as a classical guitar soloist with a brilliant international career spanning over twenty-five years, as well as a collaborator of important Greek composers and singers in concerts and recordings.
He studied Classical Guitar and Theory at the National Conservatory of Athens and at the Royal Northern College of Music in Great Britain
A composer ‘of rich vision’ (according to music critics), he has contributed a substantial oeuvre to the Greek Classical Music repertoire.
As a teacher, following the great tradition of Greek guitar virtuosi, he has created a school of distinguished musicians.
He teaches at the "Pithagorion" and "Peiramatikon" conservatories in Athens - Greece.

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Классика / Камерная музыка
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